CEAA presents a number of prestigious awards throughout the year. Click below to view the medal or award criteria and past recipients.

Nominate or Refer a Medal Candidate

The Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) bestows three medals to worthy recipients to perpetuate the memory and advance the ideals of those who played an important role in CEAA, the engineering profession, or both. The following matrix summarizes the criteria for the three medals:

Application Pool:
Professional Area:
SEAS Alumni
Science or Engineering
SEAS Alumni
Beyond Engineering and Applied Science
SEAS Alumni or University Affiliate
Science, Engineering, or Technology

Each candidate must be a living person able and willing to be present to receive the award at the time and place designated by the Board of Managers, typically at the annual awards dinner in late May. However, the death of a candidate subsequent to being selected for the award does not void the candidate’s selection. In such case the presentation shall be made posthumously in accordance with a procedure to be prescribed by the CEAA Board of Managers.

Nominate a Candidate

  • Complete the nomination form after reviewing the criteria for the CEAA medals
  • Obtain the nominee’s most recent curriculum vitae or provide the detailed information on education and achievements requested in the nomination form
  • You may suggest up to three additional references in addition to your own statement in support of the nominee. References need not be Columbia University graduates
  • Submit the completed nomination form to the Columbia Engineering Alumni Office at the address given below

Refer a Candidate

  • Suggest a potential nominee after reviewing the criteria for the CEAA medals
  • Give the name of a nominator who will provide the detailed information requested in the nomination form and whom you have contacted or will contact
  • Provide your own detailed statement of support for the nominee addressing specific qualifications for the medal
  • Submit referral to the Columbia Engineering Alumni Office at the address given below and notify the nominator that you have submitted a reference

Columbia Engineering Alumni Office
Attn: Alumni Relations
530 Seeley W. Mudd, MC 4718
500 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027

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